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old house


So it is that time of year again, where we dress up the colonization of the US and the removal of the indigenous people as awesome. Now I have no beef with the holiday itself, just more of it's portrayal. I can agree and ascribe that the Native Americans had pity on the pilgrims and helped em out with a solid, but it didn't stop there. You know being a people of reciprocation they gave back with small pox and other diseases. Some solid stealing of land and last of all the slaughter of Native Americans throughout the whole westward progression. Sounds like a good trade if you ask me. Now before everybody goes all, but your parents wouldn't have met without this progress, or look at the luxury you live in! I will admit that for me, the events turned out pretty good. Im part of a loving biracial family that has some pretty good looking specimens in it, I have a solid Native American family that helps me remember that big families equal more love, and I know how to make other people uncomfortable while making jokes about my racial background. Regardless of my feelings on it's portrayal, Thanksgiving has always been a good holiday for me.

It's good that we do take a moment out of our hectic lives and spend some time reflecting on what we thankful for in our lives. The world moves at a frenetic pace and sometimes in our search to find our happiness we may forget that we have a whole lot of what makes us happy right now. I will admit I have harbored a secret wish that my child went to a school that had a thanksgiving play and I would volunteer to direct and we would have the traditional feast and then the pilgrims would reciprocate with small pox laden blankets and oust the Native Americans from their lands. I can only imagine with glee, how into the grisly small pox death scene so many of the students would get. Im sure I would get run out of the school and my child possibly getting kicked out, but I think it would be worth it. That would definitely make it onto my, "Im thankful for", list.

So now I think the discussion moves into what am I thankful for in my life and why? Well this is pretty much the same list from year to year as I get older as I seem to appreciate what I have and I m slowly learning how to enjoy having that.

First and foremost would be my child. She is the ray of sunshine that would brighten and otherwise dull and boring day. I will admit as she gets old and her attitude grows thanks to her mother's egging on, it's not always rainbows and sparkles between us. However, we do get along and are able to stand each other for the majority of the time we are forced to live alongside each other. Her imagination and her artistry are a highlight each time you tune into radio kiddo. She likes to talk to herself so it's easy to tune her out most of the time, unless she is directly addressing you. Though, those snippets you can catch while she plays and thinks you're not listening are indeed entertaining.

Second, my wife, duuuuuhhhhhhh. One of the few women in my life that has the patience to point out my flaws without yelling too much. I also appreciate all the time she has spent in school and at work to increase our quality of life. I will admit I am a bit jealous of kiddo's mom worship, but it's nice to know that even though H can't be around for everything for kiddo, kiddo is willing to keep loving her and supporting her. H forgives my foibles, aka being a horrible housekeeper, but knows I do my best to take care of kiddo and keep trying to make H's life easier. Thanks babe, I am really grateful for you and your no nonsense attitude.

Third, my family, this is an umbrella to cover all of my extended family. My siblings, mum, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, in-laws, and even those not related through blood, including kiddo's numerous named aunties and uncles. They are always there as a support system and I have yet to really meet any sort of obstacle that my small family couldn't overcome without all their help. Thanks to all of you and for all you're help we've received over the years I couldn't have done it without all your support.

Fourth, well Im gonna say the ability to kinda do what I please thanks to my wife's job. It has kept us fed and happy for the last few years and has allowed me to be a stay at home dad. Good times and I think kiddo likes it, even though she and I constantly butt heads. She seems convinced her father is crazy, I don't know where she gets this ridiculous idea, but she still has it. Im also thankful about this as even though there has been an economic downturn, the stimulus funds injected into her field have kept her gainfully employed and our family out of the poor house.

I could be thankful for material things right now, but that would seem a bit vapid and well "materialistic" after my heartfelt words about my family and our fortunes. So I think I will be content with what I've written for the moment. As I stated before, while I may not agree or even sanction the classical viewing of Thanksgiving, I do think that you should stop and take stock of what you are truly thankful for.