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blinkie house

Holy Bald Rob Batman!

Blessed with wierd mix of Native American and white hair genes, I found one which caused my hair to thin up top while leaving a bunch of hair everywhere else. So I solved it by getting rid of it all.


you have had a shaven head before, no?

i never considered that balding patterns could be passed on through native and white mixing. i just figured the native genes would be strong enough to provide a lifelong full head of hair. i'm sorry, bro - but baldness is cool!
Nope never been completely bald, I've shaved parts but not the whole shebang.

Well it wasn't badling persay it was thinning of the hair and I think it had more to do with diabetes than balding patterns, as the rest of my family has full heads of hair right now. I always went under the assumption that you never saw a bald native american, but my hair was just getting laughable up top.