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Things have changed since I've started this journal. I am who I am and nothing more. I often wonder if one can really sum up their lives and their beliefs in a short intro like this. read the journal!

Version: 3.1
GMU/CS d- s++:++@ a- C++(++++) UL> P+> L+> E- W++> N+ o K- w+>
O- M> V PS+ PE- Y+ PGP t++ 5+++ X+ R@ tv+ b+++ DI+ D+
G> e> h----@ r+++ y++++**>

adventure, albuquerque, alcohol, alice in wonderland, angel, anime, bare foot, bars, beauty, beer, being able to bs, being lazy, biking, books, booze, bordem, bt, camping, cheap prostitutes, cheese, chicks with cellos, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, clouds, cocktails, code, coffee, cold beer, computers, dancing, darkness, daydreaming, decadence, depeche mode, dj dan, dragons, dreams, eating babies, eating out, eddie izzard, existance, flashy adverts, forests, foriegn accents, fry bread, gaim, gargoyles, going out to clubs, goth night, hanging out with friends, happy people, hot chocolate, house, hugs, humor, imagination, impulsiveness, in-depth conversations, intellect, jungle, kidney thieves, kisses, kissing, knowledge, kool-aid, korn, lacuna coil, laughter, learning, linux, listening to music, living, love, making new friends, making out, making people laugh, margaritas, michigan, mocking people, monty python, motorcycles, movies, mp3s, muppets, music, my daughter, my wife, neil gaiman, noodles, oddities, opera, oral sex, oranges, otep, outdoors, outkast, parties, patron, pirates, ps2, rain, random moments of happiness, random simpsons quotes, raves, reading, red dwarf, road trips, root beer, run lola run, sarcasm, schadenfreude, scooter, sex, sexual innuendo, showers, sleep, sleep paralysis, smiles, soccer, spineshank, spirited away, sticks, stuff, swimming, system of a down, tapping the vein, techno, tequila, the cure, the kidney thieves, the moon, the simpsons, the tick, thunderstorms, tim burton, trance, travel, turtles, underground, vnv nation, vodka, voices in my head, web design, wine, women, world domination, writing