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Oct. 22nd, 2008

blinkie house

Thrift Horrors: What is that and why am I hungry?

So I finally remembered my camera as I went around searching for my costume parts yesterday and look at what I found! You know you wanna click after that taster.

What is it?
What is it? More to be seen tooCollapse )

Aug. 30th, 2008


Big Truck!

Things are movin on, let's do list form shall we?

  1. Im now looking for a job

  2. My wife is being a bum and going back to school

  3. I harbor no resentment as this is supposed to lead to increased earning potential and thus more latitude for my hair brained schemes

  4. I almost want to go back to school now....ALMOST

  5. Having two girls in school is very hard on the driving nerves as I an mow chauffeur and the drivers in this city are absolute shite

  6. What do I really wanna do with my life?

  7. Diabetes is still chowning me...observe diabetes@robs_body ~>chown -R diabetes:crushing_sadness rob

  8. Im finding that being outside is helping a lot, however I can't be outside and look for a job at the same time, sad really

  9. Im constantly hungry lately, who ever said Metformin suppresses appetite is an ass

Kiddo gushing, BEWARE!!!Collapse )

Nothing else really, just kind of an update type deal really, right? Until next time.

Aug. 13th, 2008


supreme -- linguistic -- mental machine

Almost is nothing more satisfying than watching someone open and close their mouth impotently as you've just shocked the hell (or some other uncomfortable place) out of them. Seriously give it a go sometime, it makes for good times.
With that said, let it be known that I enjoy taking people out of their comfort zone and I like ridiculing those who I deem to uptight or too serious about a subject I am currently waxing on about. I don't know quite why I do this but some part of me believes that I was put in the world to help people question. You know just question what they are and what they do. Do you know why you do what you do? Or what you believe?
Noooooooooooooo she's not mine!Collapse )

In other news being sick with diabetes in the summer is way suckier than having the flu in the winter when you have a healthy immune system.

Jun. 25th, 2008


Nothing is new, but nothing is old

Really, it's the truth.  I mean nothing is really new, if I talk to you on a regular basis, however for those of you not lucky enough to be on-line enough to receive my texty goodness, or hear my sultry voice via phone or in person.  Here's the low down.

I have DIABEETUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click for more infoCollapse )

Next, my beautiful bunny, Bunz died. 
Beware an awesome pic of fuzzy cuteness shall followCollapse )

Im a sucker for rodents, so I talked my family into adopting a new bunny, her name is Bianca and we got her through the local bunny rescue.
I shall now wax on about fuzziesCollapse )

Umm that actually might be it, who knows, all I really know is that the world moves on and I will maybe update again in the future?

Dec. 12th, 2007

hoff car

A small but hopefully funny update

First, I received a spam message in one of my domain accounts a month or so ago.  This subject, YOUR NEW BIGGER PENIS WILL ARRIVE IN 3-4 MONTHS!!!!!!
Awesome, except my brain immediately thinks, they should really change shipping companies, because even USPS is faster than that.

Next, here is what I would think an amusing AIM convo would go

Jessica Simpson: I want to be respected here!
Hollywood: Tits or GTFO!
Jessica Simpson: Will you respect me in the morning?

You know you wanna see where this is head I know you do, it's like a train wreck!Collapse )

Yeah I amuse myself sometimes, a more serious post coming up soon.

Oct. 19th, 2007

hoff car

Updatin is liberatin!

Or some such nonsense.
Well it's been a while and things have changed drastically.Collapse )

Jul. 27th, 2007

old house

Ugggggggh, sleep needed

So yesterday started out as every other day does. I crawl out of bed, try to get ready quickly and mooch a ride off my wife to the bus stop. Read more, you know you want tooCollapse )Still, Im happy, and my daughter is showing me how well I taught her, when it comes to pestering and tormenting those you love.

Jul. 13th, 2007

hoff car

W T H! Seriously W T H!

So good ole Christian values dictate that we be rude to all other faiths, as that is the way to lead people into righteousness. This is just disgusting, and makes me want to pummel a random christian fanatic.

Jan. 16th, 2007

old house

Insomnia...I see things you can't!!!!

So here we are again with my update of the year.
I've been apathetic and just plain grumpy lately.
To everybody I haven't really made much effort to keep in contact with I apologize, it's just been a rough couple months. let me start with the bad as it is a tale of woe and near depressive catatonia. Seriously, I wouldn't lie about this, I mean it's teh internetz!!!!
Well Nov passedCollapse )

Aug. 28th, 2006


One day Im gonna rule the world, and won't even know it

So today is well my first day of school in a long while. I wasn't too excited until I got on the bus today, now Im in full nerd mode. Im giddy that my Programming Logic class is gonna be a breeze, it also makes me giggle as the teachers mannerisms and his way with jokes reminds me of my father, programmers must all be from the same cloth I spose. Im pretty much done with my first weeks HW in my Distance Learning Course and 1 more class today and Im done for the day, this class will also be ending Oct 1 and my Distance Learning Course will end Nov 1. Kill me self at first and relax near the end right?

What is gonna get me in trouble shortly is my lack of having a work study job right now. That and my slip into oh well I don't really need to worry about money. You know the whole once your in school you just don't worry about money anymore. Now I see why H was never worried about finances while she finished school. It's just easy to slip out of stress mode for it.

I missed my reunion this weekend, and thus actually missed a few people I wanted to see. But I got to see the most important one. I forgot how much she impacted my life in HS and how much she beat me and didn't listen to my sage advice. Oh she knows now.

Kiddo is doing great except when extremely tired, then it's fit city. We are also thinking of ways to raise funds to get her into a private school for Kindergarten next year, instead of having to wait that extra year because she was born a little later than APS likes. She is finally at the OMFO you make me laugh so hard you big nerd you! It's great, we also hit the zoo and Aquarium last weekend it was fun except now she is afraid of the large insects in the wonderland garden or what ever it is called. Who ever taught her to be afraid of bugs I want to kick.

Heather is still working hard and trying to keep me from going off the deep end as we approach the end of our lease and we can't seem to find decent land lords in houses. Nor can we beat off some of the money bags folks who we've lost houses too. :(

By the by, anybody have a queen size box spring we can have? Ours has died a horrible and painful death and I would really like to be able to sleep on my bed and not the futon in the living room anymore. Welp that's my minor update.
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