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old house

Do you know what I hate?!?

True, hate is a strong word for what I am talking about, but there are few things which can bring me to a frothing,sputtering, incoherant rage.
For instance:
  • The current healthcare debate and how it seems like it's just insurance companies leading the fight to insure I can't get insured
  • People who insist they aren't racist, by using the statement, "Im not racist, but..." or "Im not racist, I have a/an *insert race* friend"
  • The fact that the UNM head coach still has a job after hitting one of his assistant coaches
  • and of course losing at boardgames
However, nothing gets me goin faster or even more frothy than those people who on Halloween leave their porch light on, waiting for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.  They lie in wait for those poor little souls to come bounding up expecting to be rewarded for their work on their costumes.  The door opens, and they step forth, not with a bowl of candy or even healthy food snacks, not even some cheap toys or random household objects as we got from one house this year.  No these horrendous wastes of spaces answer the door with stacks of paper in hand.  They begin to preach to these poor children, and denounce them as heretics and going to hell, just for celebrating a holiday, which is as commercialized as their precious xmas or easter.  Then once they finish their hate and fear filled speech, they proceed to hand out religious pamphlets.

Not any pamphlets, but the horrid Chick Tract, again I don't normally bash the literature of religions but these always made me uncomfortable with their tone and their extremist stance.  Now Im all for freedom of religion, but this is just rude, and the people who do this deserve nothing more than to burn in their hell they try to consign me to when I talk to them.  That coupled with the children they say will end up there putting bamboo shoots underneath their fingernails, over and over again.

How dare you people cheat and lie to these children who go out to enjoy the fruits of a joyous holiday.  How dare you FORCE your beliefs upon those innocents who don't even know what this holiday is based on or why it is celebrated.  How dare you make yourself feel superior by berating and belittling children!  If you want to hand out tracts fine, do it in front of your house, and not by tricking children into knocking on your door.  You want to try and educate, do that, not by telling the children they are evil, or celebrating an evil holiday.  Fortunately, we don't have any of these people in our current neighborhood, but I will be watching, and if one does show up?  The wrath of Og will be the least of your worries.