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We need help ABQ!

I need your help denizens of ABQ and RR, NM.  Earlier this week someone hit my brother's car in the middle of  the night, and left us with a nice present of this.

Well since he is smart like consumer advocates so he knocked down his insurance last year to uninsured and liability only.  No comprehensive, thus this means he gets nothing on his car unless we can find the culprit.  Based on the remenants we collected it was a late model Ford SUV, probably white or gray, I dunno if it hit hard enough to grind down to primer though. 
We also got their passenger side foot rail, yay for prizes. 

So please keep your eyes peeled for a late model white/grey ford suv with considerable damage to the passenger side.  If you do see something like this just shoot me an email or contact me in anyway you know how.

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suck. that happened to me when I lived in Burque. some dickless piece of shit left almost THREE GRAND worth of damage. it seriously sucked.

...and it was the day after my 21st birthday.
Yeah it's about that bad here. Im positive it's gonna be junked because that's some serious damage and it's only worth lik 2K at the most. He's been hemming and hawing over putting money into it since he was thinking of starting a new car fund. Then he had to put $400 into it last week. Suck! So now he he has no monies with which to even put a downpayment on anything.
Argh! Poor R. I can't help, but I can send angry thoughts their way for you.
Sadly it looks as if we aren't gonna find the culprit. :(