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Halloween, magnificent, glorious, and a month late?

So, Halloween, it makes for good times and bad times. Good because it is the most rockin and our neighborhood still loves to have trick or treaters. Bad, because all my costumes aren't always finished, or they prey upon destroying the hopes and dreams of small children everywhere. Mainly focused on my offspring and my nieces and nephews. This year I did it by committing the ultimate in cable sin. I stole Hannah Montana's coiffe of power! That's right folks I donned the blonde hair piece and proceeded to do all I could to besmirch her name and give the children I met nightmares for the rest of their lives.

I can sit

As you can see, this is the thing of nightmares. Luckily my wife prevailed upon me to not be Zombie Montana, as that definitely would have garnered a few tears from my nieces.

Oh but it doesn't end there, not a bit. I kept the maliciousness going. I then stole and for most of the night kept. Little Bo Peep's sheep, she didn't seem particularly heart broken about it, but there was relief when she was reunited with it later that evening.

Little Bo Ri

See the joy? The only reason the sheep was returned, had to do with a greek goddess.


Who, incidentally, helped me up my depravity when I seduced her later that evening. Never before had it been so awesome to be destroying childhood icons and memories.

So there you have it. I was bad, and it was fun. Beware, for this may happen again next year!


oh, wow. I actually gasped when I saw H, because she looks so beautiful.

Ri is so big and gorgeous. and um, your costume is...delightful. ;)
Haha, yeah I know right? She spent like 2 hours on it, the crafty woman that she is.

Yeah Riley is hugemongous, I can barely pick her up anymore. So when I deal with other kids her age Im almost always lifting them up with too much force. She had originally wanted to be a Lego Princess, but once Gma brought us a bag of halloween costumes, she found the LBP costume and wanted to be her, the awesome part was we found like a tutu like deal with fiber optic lights, so she glowed as she rean around, it was cool.

My costume rocked, come on it only cost like $15, I spent the most on the wig

And, awww!! A bunny!
I know right?

Yeah she's my grumpy bunny, she's not down with humans tryin to mess with her.