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Jun. 26th, 2012

old house

Kristen Stewart and the Chris Hemsworth

So I saw Show White and The Huntsman. Needless to say Im a bit disappointed. I wanted to like the movie so much, the premise was awesome, the setting looked epic, and there was sword fighting! Sadly I almost fell asleep multiple times, because after a scene of AWESOME! They’d follow it with scene with no real focus, there would be no dialogue or real interaction. There will be mega spoilers so avoid if you don’t wanna read this ish, but it should be mildly entertaining.
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First, Charlize’s crazy eyes! Yes! She was wonderfully over the top and crazy, but I will admit at times she did seem to be way over the top and make things uncomfortable. Her back story was pretty compelling but took way to long to be revealed, by the time we got there I was looking for a place to sleep and just didn’t care anymore. Though I will point out I kinda figured it out in the beginning.

Second, Chris Hemsworth! Dreamy! Yeah enough of my man crush, I enjoyed the fact that he was the narrator and just went through the movie punching and swinging blades at people. That’s a protagonist I can root for. He did move the movie along, since it seemed like when his scenes popped up the movie would take a halting step forward.

As I said some set pieces were awesome and just beautiful too look at, but they just seemed to be the focus, rather than a lot of characters that were introduced. I have no idea how to fix my complaints, maybe shore up on the set shots a bit, or you know include a bit more relevant dialogue. When there was significant dialogue it always felt wooden and just used to try and fill time. I will admit, for the majority of the movie I though it should be called The Huntsman and the Functional Mute. Since Kristen Stewart always looked like she was about to say something but the mean camera man would cut away before she could.

Next, dwarves! Yeah I liked the casting of most of them really, it worked and hey the nifty CGI stuff was pretty awesome. I just wish they had been included from the beginning instead of feeling tacked on. Especially their hideout, oh yeah, KS is being chased by bad guys, don’t forget that! No place is safe from the Spanish Inquisition, I mean the Queen’s Guard, wait, hunting group, gathering of males who like to hunt for girls? Then we get KS poisoned, and we see the ultimate move she gained from Twilight, her, “I want you right now” look. Yes, the queen shows up as KS’ childhood friend and since KS hasn’t seen him in years of course she needs to kiss him passionately and eat the apple that he holds. Luckily, Chris shows up and moves movie forward with an epic scene of acting.
“Verily, ye remind me of my wife who was a fine lass and was strong”
Right, that might not be what he really said, but who really pays attention to the words that come out of his mouth when there’s so much Chris to gaze upon? The movie takes a plodding step forward.

KS wakes up and is screaming something about stuff everybody is excited! I don’t know why, because I think I just started snoring and disturbed other people in the theater.

We finally get to the denouement, epic battle begets epic face off! Yeah that didn’t happen at all, I think that’s the whole reason Im really disappointed. Storming the castle felt hollow, it was like the bad guys were storm troopers in platemail. They hit everything but a few members of the attack horde. Then they use all their defensive weapons, right after they would be useful.
“Look, Kristen is in front of our gate waiting for it to be open, try and stop her, yar!!!!”
They try and shoot arrows ineffectively, the gate is opened and the horde thunders in.
“Wait guys! I found some oil we can dump on people at the gate, yay!”
“Oh, that might have been useful 30 secs ago, huh?”
So now we watch as people kinda swing swords at each other and KS makes her way to the final showdown. She bursts into the room and runs at the queen and stabs her in the face, thus making the queen hideous and taking her power…just kidding. Actually, she runs at the queen and glares, the queen glares back, they both look down and check their watches, and smile nervously at each other for moment. The rest of the horde bursts in, both women sigh in relief and the long convoluted ending fight happens, I didn’t really pay attention other than thinking why didn’t the queen use that crap on KS by herself?

In conclusion, yeah I don’t know what it is really except that I left the theater feeling disappointed and not even pleased that I got to eat popcorn. Weird, I will probably see the movie again for kiddos sake, but it’s definitely a renter.

Nov. 21st, 2011

old house


So it is that time of year again, where we dress up the colonization of the US and the removal of the indigenous people as awesome. Now I have no beef with the holiday itself, just more of it's portrayal. I can agree and ascribe that the Native Americans had pity on the pilgrims and helped em out with a solid, but it didn't stop there. You know being a people of reciprocation they gave back with small pox and other diseases. Some solid stealing of land and last of all the slaughter of Native Americans throughout the whole westward progression. Sounds like a good trade if you ask me. Now before everybody goes all, but your parents wouldn't have met without this progress, or look at the luxury you live in! I will admit that for me, the events turned out pretty good. Im part of a loving biracial family that has some pretty good looking specimens in it, I have a solid Native American family that helps me remember that big families equal more love, and I know how to make other people uncomfortable while making jokes about my racial background. Regardless of my feelings on it's portrayal, Thanksgiving has always been a good holiday for me.
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Aug. 1st, 2010

old house

Im a nerd...BEHOLD Frankenpod!

Yeah I admit Im a bit of a nerd and a bit of a tinkerer.  I like to take things apart and know what makes them work.  I also like to be able to replace parts of existing things on my own, either to fix them or to try and get more performance out them.  Thus I will probably always be a PC man.  With that said my wife recently had her headphone jack on her iPod go out.  Since I am a sensible man and realize that she would go insane with this we went and got her a new iPod classic and she is once again happy with her music goodness.I went and dug up her original 5th gen iPod vid and thought about swapping parts between this one and her old one which is going bad.  As I said I like to tinker.

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Nov. 4th, 2009

old house

Do you know what I hate?!?

True, hate is a strong word for what I am talking about, but there are few things which can bring me to a frothing,sputtering, incoherant rage.
For instance:
  • The current healthcare debate and how it seems like it's just insurance companies leading the fight to insure I can't get insured
  • People who insist they aren't racist, by using the statement, "Im not racist, but..." or "Im not racist, I have a/an *insert race* friend"
  • The fact that the UNM head coach still has a job after hitting one of his assistant coaches
  • and of course losing at boardgames
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Aug. 24th, 2009

old house

Book Learning, love it

Well not all the time, really, but I finally took the javascript class that was a pre req for a few other classes I've already taken thanks to a great teacher who knew I could do it. This wasn't the text book that was called for, but it did help fill in some gaps that came up and helped to extend the lessons that were started. This focuses on AJAX, while the class moved into jQuery.

Jul. 26th, 2009

old house

Morning in tha backyard

Now we are caught up I think. No really I think I am, I mean I've only started this yesterday, I just forgot to post it, maybe I'll manipulate time on my other blogs so it's not so lame.
old house

Prickly Pear Bloom

Prickly Pear Bloom
Originally uploaded by Lost Temperance
I've seen the whole daily picture thing and felt I needed to join, so Im gonna try and catch up now. I got a new camera with a macro setting so I tried it on our prickly pears.
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Apr. 16th, 2009

old house

We need help ABQ!

I need your help denizens of ABQ and RR, NM.  Earlier this week someone hit my brother's car in the middle of  the night, and left us with a nice present of this.

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Dec. 13th, 2008

blinkie house

Holy Bald Rob Batman!

Blessed with wierd mix of Native American and white hair genes, I found one which caused my hair to thin up top while leaving a bunch of hair everywhere else. So I solved it by getting rid of it all.

Dec. 3rd, 2008

blinkie house

Halloween, magnificent, glorious, and a month late?

So, Halloween, it makes for good times and bad times. Good because it is the most rockin and our neighborhood still loves to have trick or treaters. Bad, because all my costumes aren't always finished, or they prey upon destroying the hopes and dreams of small children everywhere. Mainly focused on my offspring and my nieces and nephews. This year I did it by committing the ultimate in cable sin. I stole Hannah Montana's coiffe of power! That's right folks I donned the blonde hair piece and proceeded to do all I could to besmirch her name and give the children I met nightmares for the rest of their lives.

I cut this because you don't want nightmares, but some of you just won't be able to help yourselvesCollapse )

So there you have it. I was bad, and it was fun. Beware, for this may happen again next year!

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